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since I saw the HIMYM alternate ending I juste wanna see/know your retaction to it...

Mkay, publishing this because I’ve gotten a few questions about this.

Imma level with you guys.

I’m pretty meh about the whole alternate Last Forever ending. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s WAAAAAAY better than the real one, and I would’ve been a lot less disappointed if that was the one that aired.

But I’m honestly just meh about it. Other than the voice over they had Saget do, it could’ve been fan made. They just took stuff they already had and rearranged it in editing to make a somewhat more satisfying ending. And it is definitely a lot more satisfying. Erasing Tracy’s death, ending on that lovely scene between her and Ted when they meet, doing away with the Ted/Robin nonsense. Way better. Times a million.

And I’m glad that for a lot of you it’s really helped provide closure or you’ve been able to pretend it’s real, etc., and that’s wonderful, and I am envious of all of you who can feel that way! Congratulations! Try and hold on to that feeling! 

But I’m not feeling it. Yeah, it’s a better ending than we got, but it’s still not that great an ending, in my opinion. MUCH better, mind you, but still kind of…meh. Maybe if they’d literally filmed a couple extra scenes for the alt ending, I’d feel differently, but with the obviousness that this was just sort of slapped together with existing finale footage with the addition of a semi-decent voice over (bless the implications of Barney and Robin repairing their relationship, but so much damage was already done in the finale outside of this tiny bit of fix it VO and editing) I just can’t really like it that much. 

I’m very glad it exists because it is SO much better than the one that aired, but at the same time, even *this* is just fairly…meh. To me.

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you have a harry potter tattoo?

hell yeah i have a harry potter tattoo

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what himym shade? what happened?

I don’t remember the exact wording (I’m recording it, though, so I may go back and check later), but Seth made a joke about how if he were to guess which finale would be saddest or have major character death out of finale’s such as Breaking Bad, Dexter, and HIMYM, he wouldn’t have picked the sitcom about a dad telling his kids a story. Said something about Jesse and Dexter both making it out, but somehow the mother had to die?

funny himym shade times, basically

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Do you think that Ted and Robin belong together? Or do you prefer Barney and Robin? (I'm sure you made a post about this after the last episode but I forgot about it)


okay, okay, here we go.

No, I don’t think Ted and Robin belong together. Yes, I am a Barney/Robin shipper. Now, there have always been a lot of B/R stans that staunchly hated Ted/Robin, and I was never one of them. I actually quite liked them. Seasons 1 and 2 were two of my favorite seasons of the series, and a lot of that is genuinely owed to the Ted/Robin dynamic, which I deeply appreciated in the early stages of the show. But belong together? Definitely not. I liked Barney/Robin already by mid-season 1 (Zip, Zip, Zip, amirite?), and ADORED AND SHIPPED THEM WITH A BURNING HOT PASSION by season 3. I had a really deep appreciation for Ted/Robin early on (which is unfortunately something that has now been ruined for me), but I do not think they belong together. The whole ending was gross and unnecessary and turned Ted into a creep instead of a lovable romantic, and it undid years of character development for most every character. 

I’m a Barney/Robin shipper for life, but even outside of that, I dislike the Ted/Robin ending because they made the whole thing sketch as fuck, and it ruined early Ted/Robin for me, which was something I really did love.

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omg i don't know if anyone's pointed this out before but in 1x09 of himym when ted meets the stripper at the buffet and pretends it's the mother the kids actually believe him cause the stripper's name is tracy wow it's been there all along

oh my god that’s actually hilarious

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Where do you post your fanfictions?

In a multitude of places!

I’ve got some of my better stuff on ao3, then some of my older stuff on, and my LJ has a bunch of stuff, too. Though these days I’m mostly just posting to ao3. 

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Do you remember who the tumblr user you couldn't believe followed you was?

I do! And crazy enough, they’re still following me. And I can’t believe it.

Though I deeply regret that shout-out. 

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[laughing at how ridiculous this looks as a photoset lol but whatever]

  1. Me too. I could picture several endings I’d be a hell of a lot more happy with.
  2. Disagreed! I am extraordinarily proud of Robin and her success as a reporter doing what she set out to do! That aspect is great! But that’s not the only thing they did to Robin’s character. It’s the other stuff I’m furious about. 
  3. Agreeeeed. Bros don’t go after other bros ex-wives. 
  4. lol
  6. I started working on a little something last night! I will write the fix-it fic, but I’ve got a pretty busy week lined up so I’m not sure when I’ll get it properly done. Will definitely post it here, though, when I do!
  7. I can barely remember any of the jokes beyond that one tbh which isn’t a great sign lol
  8. I have some verrrry disappointing feels about Ted rn (and probably always will after all this) and idk how he feels about Robin anymore other than it seeming weird and sketchy and obsessive but I definitely do agree that Robin isn’t in love with him, so I get you. Idek, man. 
  9. EXACTLY. That is not the happy ending I wanted for any of those characters. I think the only one not screwed over is probably Marshall (or at least the least screwed over). Sighs, huge disservice to all of the characters and their development.
  10. preach
  11. They wrote themselves into a corner that they could have successfully written their way out of if they had been willing to let go of ideas and even footage they had from s1/s2, but instead they didn’t allow the finale idea to evolve with the series.
  12. OH PERFECT now it’s all good (lol i’ll give into that delusion for the sake of my sanity)
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remember that perfect closing scene of 7.17 where ted """closes the door""" on robin and how great an ending that was and sorry. i need somewhere to put my feelings.

You know, if I gathered anything from the rewatch I did of the entire series over the last month, it’s that Ted never got over Robin.

And that’s fine.

That’s sad for Ted, and frankly, it’s extremely sad for the Mother (I can’t seem to start calling her Tracy!! Even though the scene with them and the same initials is literally one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen and one of my fav things about the finale) because I want her to be the one. They could have been and hopefully were perfect together, but what the hell do we know about it? Not much, that’s for sure. 

But there have been SO many episodes at this point where Ted supposedly got his closure on Robin that at this point, that part of the plot, just feels…completely fucked. 

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i am convinced that the writers of himym wrote this finale back during season 1 or 2 and didn't feel like changing it and in my head the series ended at last weeks episode

Oh, I’m fully convinced of that.

And I get it. I do.

Ted/Robin and more specifically, Ted stealing that blue french horn for Robin is a full circle ending. I appreciate that as a writer. I really do. One of my favorite things, tbh.

That being said?


The thing with HIMYM is that it’s become a completely different show since it started, and I’ve been borderline in denial of that for a long time, but it has. Probably somewhere between seasons five and six. 

And they’ve been trying to keep it the same show, but it never really was. Not really. Ted and Robin aren’t the same people they were during season two, which is more than anything else why I disagree with how it all ended. 

I do get it. I do really do. 

But the show evolved, and they’ve had this idea in their head for an ending since basically day one, but, in my head, it doesn’t fit anymore. Not really. And it was a very real disservice to the Barney/Robin fans (a community they have known and loved since season three). 

I get it.

I want to clarify that,

I get it.

Barney is the cliche single guy who loves the ladies and can’t settle down, and single Barney is the Barney everyone fell in love with. I get that. I always will. I understood why they first broke up because of their issues, and I get it now.

Neither of them are good at commitment.

I fully understand that.

But at some point, I do believe that Carter and Craig fell for Barney/Robin as a ship.

And I wish that they had not stuck to the original plan.

I get it.

I do.

But doing this to us? So many Barney/Robin shippers? 

Cruel, tbh,

I’ll always love the show, and it will not stop meaning the world to me.

But damn.


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