Laura. 23. Homoflexible. INFJ. Currently obsessed with Veronica Mars, Parks and Rec, Orphan Black, & OITNB.

"My favorite" -Neil Patrick Harris

Her tears brought me joy. I love it that people can get so emotionally invested in what really truly is a multicamera sitcom.” -Neil Patrick Harris

"Made me cry." -Craig Thomas

"She has the face of a 14 year old, and the breasts of a Greek Goddess.” -robin-scherbatsky

"Tumblr user Laura robin-scherbatsky is a good drunk and she has a fantastic best friend." -calliopetorres

Laura has nice boobs. And her blog is ok. I guess.” -eriksens

"My best friend, tumblr user Laura robin-scherbatsky is a fantastic lay… in bed while we talk about not getting any sex." -calliopetorres

“‘Hi I’m Laura, but you can call me Robin. Barney and Robin are endgame and Doctor/Rose is the best DW ship ever. Johanna and Finnick are better than you.’ A cross between Haymitch Abernathy and Robin Scherbatsky, tumblr user Laura/robin-scherbatsky is all anyone could ever want in a blog to follow. She is flawless, and her wit is outstanding (particularly when drunk). This is the most flawless HIMYM blog on the face of Tumblr. This message is approved by Swarley Stinson.” -swarleyscherbatsky

"Tumblr user Laura robin-scherbatsky is a good drunk and she has great boobs. Doctor Who, HIMYM, Swarley and Roland, Ten and Rose. Scratch that. Doctor and Rose. She likes beer, and Cobie, and being a pretty cool dude. She also owes me five dollars but whatever.” -nay-nay-rivers

"I hear Laura’s allergic to fingers." -donnatellable

"Laura is flawless. Her blog’s insured for 10,000 dollars. I hear does HIMYM youtube videos in Texas. Her favorite movie is Requiem for a Dream. One time she met Evanna Lynch at Leakycon and she told her she was pretty (and if she didn’t she was definitely thinking it). One time she told me she wanted to punch me in the throat… it was awesome. Oh and something about how cool her blog is but all she blogs about is HIMYM and Doctor Who and her love for Neil Patrick Harris. I mean she’s so weird, she just got online one day and started messaging me about how Roes loved drugs. So obviously you should be following her." -because-wewantto

I am Laura and I ship better things than you!” -padfootsteps

Laura is perfect. Mostly in that let-me-have-sex-with-you kind of way, but her blog’s also worth a mention.” -winterinthetardis

"Laura is more perfect than Barney and Robin, plus she’s hot." -stinson

Laura is that secret sauce that elevates a sandwich from being okay to being OHMYGODWHYAREYOUSOPERFECTIWANTTHISINMYLIFEEVERYDAYUNTILIDIE” -winterinthetardis

"My name is callie and i love flava flav tumblr user robin-scherbatsky xoxo she loves barney x robin more than anyone i know also rose x ten and her blog SUCKS and i hate her ugh what a bitch.” -mosby

Once upon a time, in a mythical and magical land called Tumblhar, there existed a blog. This blog was small, but something about it stood out, made it special. It was, in a word, perfect. Whispers spread through the land like wildfire, everyone speaking in hushed tones about this wonderful blog. They were hoping that this blog, with its flawlessness and quality, could make a difference in their lives - could rise up against the horror that haunted the land. For Tumblhar had an evil ruler, a scary queen that ruled the land with an iron fist - The Hipsters. But soon, the small blog started getting a larger and larger following, and with the masses on its side, the small blog started pulling everyone out from the dark haze of The Hipsters. Everyone who followed the small blog (though it was no longer small, yet still perfect) was shown the light - Fandoms were where Tumblhar belonged. And so bit by bit, The Hipsters were overtaken and finally defeated. Everyone rejoiced, and the blog was crowned the new Queen of Tumblhar, and ruled for many successful years (which would later be known as The Golden Age). This wonderful blog was known as robin-scherbatsky.” -winterinthetardis

Laura has a cool roommate.” -anaisforthewin

I just met you and I love you.” -cloysterbell

"She’s seen more ‘You’re Not The Father’ dances than Maury has." -mydrunkmatinee

Laura is fantastically amazing. She’s uber pretty and she’s got great boobs. She also has a very intense relationship with pizza rolls.” -robinscherpoopie

Laura? How can I even begin to describe Laura? Laura is flaw-free. I hear her boobs are insured for $10,000. I hear she was conceived by Ten and Rose… in the TARDIS. Her Callie is Stef. One time she went to the mall… And everybody went and played and threw every last care away. One time I stalked her blog… and I never stopped.” -galeandhiscatnip

"If the pandorica was created to contain sheer awesome instead of the most feared being in the cosmos, Laura would be imprisoned in it.” -shapeshiftandtrick

Laura is the kind of person that will make you ship pairings of shows you’ve never watched. And she’s awesome and fun and great.” -armydoctorandconsultingdetective

Laura’s roommate is cool. Laura’s roommate has seen Laura’s boobs on more than one occasion (be jealous). Laura herself is a cool roommate. She has a bad ass DVD collection. I’ve known her for years and she always makes me smile. Laura is the coolest person I know and her blog is awesome. Thank you and goodnight.” -fancygibs (Laura’s roommate)

LAURA IS BEAUTIFUL. One time she was in New York and I didn’t get to see her which is okay because when I live in Florida she’s going to visit and we’re going to have adventures in Disney World. She is one cool cat.” -somethingtoavenge